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Logistics has always been the bottleneck of e-commerce sellers' development. In addition to transportation problems, inventory management  and  order processing also consume a lot of time  and energy of sellers. In  order to make e-commerce sellers more focused on sales. On the basis of transportation services, we provide a more comprehensive warehousing solutions, one-stop service, comprehensive reduction of e-commerce sellers logistics costs.

Warehousing services include the following: agent procurement, goods inspection, labeling, goods storage  order processing, goods shipping, packaging materials, return processing, etc. We can also customize some services according to the individual needs of customers.

Advanced storage system  and strict management are the premise to guarantee the quality of storage service. Our independent research  and development of warehouse management system, on the one hand, greatly improve the efficiency of the warehouse, so that we can lower the cost for customers to provide better service; On the other hand, it also reduces the problem of missing  order, wrong  order  and inaccurate inventory caused by human operation error from the process. SKU bar code shall be affixed to each product in storage  and SKU bar code shall be scanned for each operation of loading  and unloading. Picking  and packing are all issued by the system instructions, warehouse personnel according to the system instructions for the corresponding operation. At the same time, 24-hour comprehensive monitoring  and perfect fire protection system, also ensure the safety of goods.

With the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce, overseas warehouse delivery has gradually become the preferred logistics method of cross-border e-commerce. The Global warehouse building project of Rachel Logistics was officially launched in 2013. The US warehouse will be officially put into operation in August 2013, the Netherlands warehouse will be officially put into operation in August and the UK warehouse will be officially put into operation in September 2014. Other warehouses such as Australian warehouse, Spanish warehouse, Brazil warehouse and Russia warehouse are also under planning.

Compared with traditional direct delivery from China, overseas warehouse delivery has the following advantages:

1. Reduce comprehensive logistics costs. Overseas warehouse delivery, the first journey can be sea transportation, which greatly reduces the cost of cross-border transportation, the heavier the cargo, the cost of freight savings is particularly obvious.

2. Improve the stability of logistics and reduce the rate of logistics bad review. Overseas warehouse delivery is basically a category of domestic transportation, which does not involve customs clearance and greatly enhances the stability of logistics.

3. Convenient return and exchange, to achieve cross-border sales, local services. Traditional direct delivery from China, the cost of return and replacement is very high, so for many sellers, once there is a product quality problem or wrong delivery of goods, the loss is very big. However, using overseas warehouse can greatly reduce the cost of return and exchange, making your store more competitive.

Besides the above advantages, the overseas warehouses of Rachel Logistics also have the following characteristics:

1. Low price: Advanced warehouse management software ensures the efficient operation of the warehouse, so as to provide customers with better service at a lower price.

2. Less errors: whole process bar code control, shelves, shelves, shipping scan, reduce the error rate to a minimum.

3. Guaranteed: the insurance rate of 1/10,000 will bring you 100% security protection.

4. Personalized: provide personalized services such as return processing, FBA transfer, FBA goods labeling, FBA return receiving and so on.