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Establishing a set of effective     and feasible service standards is the basis for enterprises to carry out service work. It is also the premise for enterprises to provide quality service to customers. With the service standard can make enterprises     and employees to carry out the service work on the basis of ensuring the stability of the company's service. At the same time can also make customers in the use of our services at ease, can make customers to the company's services play a supervisory role. Therefore, the development of high quality, efficient, feasible service standards, to improve the company's services, enhance competitiveness has a very important role.

ONE.Develop principles for service standards

1. Service standards must meet customer requirements     and be customer     oriented.

2. the service standard must be higher than the service level of the industry     and to be feasible.

3. Service standards must be constantly improved     and     updated to meet the needs of customers     and the progress of the industry.

4. Service standards should be combined with staff's service consciousness     and service thought     and should be checked     and implemented frequently.

TWO.Sixteen words for service

In     order to better serve customers, we have formulated sixteen words as our service policy of "excellent, fast, safe, accurate, economical, convenient, honest     and considerate".

Speed: Efficiency is the life of express. Through the channels we recommend, the prescription should be fast, the circulation in our hands is fast, the handover is fast     and the problem is dealt with quickly.

Safety: take good care of customers' goods rather than their own goods, to ensure that in our hands do not damage, do not lose the express.

Accuracy: good wrong shipment, good volume, weight; No staggered channels; Don't make wrong documents. Accurate handover, operation     and delivery.

Save: save freight     and reduce transportation cost for customers. The channels we recommend are low in price     and reasonable in charges. All kinds of networks     and channels to charge a variety of fees we take reimbursements.

Convenience: we take "three door" approach, convenient for customers. Namely door-to-door sales, door-to-door single receipt; Call for advice. Customers can make a phone call to consignment, 24 sales at any time to receive goods, at any time for your service.

Integrity: a promise of nine tripods, the promise of customers must be done. To customers to be honest, trustworthy, do not cheat, do not shirk responsibility. No matter what happens in transportation, we should tell the customer truthfully.

Intimate: to be full of enthusiasm to treat customers; To take the initiative to inquire, improve services. To urgent customer urgent, maximize to meet customer needs.

THREE.service standard

First: my company implements 24 hours all-weather service: customers can handle the consignment at any time, as long as a phone call     or online application, you can quote, handle the consignment procedures. The company can 24 hours to pick up     orders, receive goods; Company sales staff 24 hours boot, can provide service for customers at any time; The customer service personnel of the company turn on the machine 24 hours a day to solve urgent problems for customers.

Second: to provide convenience for customers, adhere to the "three door" service, namely door recommended network     and channel; Door to pick up the goods; Call for advice. (Visit your house semi-annually for advice).

Third: every day sales staff visit     or telephone sales. Each salesman should make no less than 15 home visits     and 50 telephone sales per week. A salesman's promise to a customer must be fulfilled.

Fourth: the salesman every festival, customer birthday to express blessing     and greetings to customers, big customers to visit.

Fifth: the company phone rings three times, must answer, pick up the phone said: "Hello! Rachel Logistics "; In case of special circumstances, when answering the phone more than three times, say: "Sorry to have kept you waiting." At the end of the call, say "Goodbye     and wait until the customer has hung up.

Article 6: In     order to ensure timeliness, we must reduce the circulation time of express in our company. After receiving the customer's delivery notice that the goods are ready, it shall not exceed two hours to arrive at the door to receive the goods (in case of traffic jam, vehicle breakdown     and other special circumstances, it shall discuss with the customer in time     and obtain the customer's understanding). After receiving the goods, to the service provider, not more than 3 hours (evening, night receipt, delivery before 9:00 in the morning); Hold processing shall not exceed half a day. All monthly account customers, the last month's bill will be sent to customers before the 10th of each month.

Article 7: All the receiving personnel, delivery personnel     and drivers of our company should take good care of the customer's goods, handle them with care, pay attention to the signs outside the box     and strictly prohibit dropping the goods     and damaging the goods. We guarantee that the goods we accept will not be lost, damaged     or short in our hands. In case of lost     or damaged goods, our company will make compensation according to the regulations.

Article 8: according to the customer's choice of network     and channel delivery, the customer does not specify a channel, can be     selected by the computer channel delivery. Carefully review the documents     and goods provided by customers, so that the single goods are consistent with the requirements of network service providers     and customs, good delivery of wrong transport. The volume     and weight of the goods should be measured realistically (unless the customer has special requirements). If the actual volume     and weight are found to be greater than the weight provided by the customer, the customer must confirm.

Ninth: actively do a good job of inquiry. Where goods are found waiting for customs clearance     or customs clearance delay, the next day to inquire with the service provider; The track of goods was not     updated for two days. On the third day, I began to inquire with the service provider. If the goods cannot be delivered due to the address, phone number, information     or recipient's reason, the service provider shall immediately notify the customer to provide relevant information     and require the service provider to contact the recipient. Notify sales     and customers of any problems     And follow up daily. A week is not effectively solved, to upgrade processing, find service provider leadership to solve. Hold processing shall not exceed half a day.

Article 10: in case of loss, damage, shortage, wrong delivery     and other problems, the service provider shall claim compensation from the service provider in time. To safeguard the interests of customers     and strive to obtain better compensation. Any reposting, replacement, payment to pay to change prepayment, change of address, return, remote costs, etc., should be negotiated with the customer, after obtaining written confirmation of the customer, timely processing. It usually takes less than half a month to process claims.